New Release!

We are releasing our fourth studio single on May 23. The song "Fighting Fire With Fire" is an up-tempo hard rock tune with a pop sing along chorus. Be sure to check it out on iTunes, Wimp and Spotify on the night of May 23. 

We'll be throwing a release party down at The Wildside in Trondheim. We'll do a live concert and there will also be a rock-DJ there to play music after the show.

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Our acoustic trio. We've done a bunch of acoustic gigs the last couple of months, and we've already booked nine more shows this Summer. For two hours, we offer a variety of pop and rock hits. We're playing everything from KISS and AC/DC to HALESTORM, P!NK and JESSE J, and of course we're also doing some acoustic versions of our own originals.

We agree, the acoustic thing is not as cool as doing full line up Ravage shows, but it's a great way for us to finance Ravage Rose, the band. The whole band thing with studio recordings, videos, merch, etc.. It's a lot of fun, but as you can imagine, it's also pretty expensive.. :p 

Our acoustic trio, live music for all your parties! :)



Chandelier - cover

- Here`s another cover for you! 

This one was very much requested,
so we hope you all like the result: 

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Here's a clip for you! :p

Great gig Saturday. Back at our rehearsal space last night for a new round of practice with the full line up. New songs starting to sound great, getting ready for recording! :) 


In the meantime, how many bandmembers does it take to get the drums set up after last weekends gig? Here's a little clip from the Ravage headquarters... making us all look like f***ing first timers.. :p



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Annual Winterparty!

We are ready and stoked to be playing for our friends at Rams MC! 
Their annual Winterparty is always a hit, and no hurricane or blizzard is gonna stand in the way of Rock`n Roll tonight!


Rock on

Use Somebody - Acoustic Cover

Just a little recording we did at rehearsal the other day.
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Up for grabs!

Acoustic trio for your X-Mas Party, 30th birthday, or housewarming-party? 
Whatever your reason to party is -  We`re up for grabs !

Our acoustic set has a great mix of covers and Ravage-originals, all the way from AC/DC to Adele!




Stop Bullying Campaign!

It was truly fantastic to see so many show up last night to show their support against bullying! 

The weather was freezing, but the atmosphere was heartwarming <3

Thank you !

#neitilmobbing #stopbullying #fakkeltogmotmobbing #trondheim #ravagerose


Meet Elvira, our biggest (youngest) fan-girl !!

Salon-day with Miri

Crashed the Ravage-Photoshoot ! 

Went shopping!

Fan-selfie ! <3


We love you !!!  



Amazing turn-out at our "Lovers&Losers" release-party!
Thank you so much for trashing the place with us!

Big thanks to Elisabeth B. Olsen for great pictures, and to Mr. K for providing us with the PA-system :D

special release-night Wildside/Ravage shirts for the Wildside-crew :D

New single, Out now!

Finally we have the pleasure of announcing our latest single-release!
"Lovers & Losers" is out now on iTunes, Spotify and WiMp!



Hope you like it !! 

Check out our Royals-cover!

We are stoked and ready for our release-party tomorrow! 
See you there! 

Show us your Wildside!

The release-date for our new single Lovers&Losers is coming up soon, and we are so ready to party-hard with all of you. On October 24th we`ll be taking over Wildside in Trondheim and with you we hope to turn it into one hot Rock`n Roll nightclub!  

The bartenders are stoked and ready!! 



>> Facebook-event<<


See you there !!


Ravage FanPics

Look at all these awesome human beings!!! 

Keep them fan-pics coming! 


Hungover Sunday Rehearsal

Laster inn

From our acoustic rehearsal today😋 #Ravagerose #guitarists #rockband

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Acoustic rehearsal

We`re getting ready for our release-party, and are rehearsing an acoustic set just for you! 
We don`t usually do acoustic sets, but want to do a small show at the party just to kick it off!

Some cover-songs, some original Ravage-songs - some old, some new! 
I`ll be bringing the guitar-masters; Lucky&Marius with me.
you coming? 




Link to the ReleaseParty-event HERE 


Private Consert

On Saturday me, Lucky and Marius went to Stines & Thomas` housewarming party!
We brought the guitars and held a small consert in their brand new living room.
I personally love these small intimate settings, and hope we get to do many more like these.

Gongratulations on your new crib, and thanks for having us!! 

- Miri


Cool is Everything

Here`s a little wednesday-tune for you!

Our first single "Cool is Everything" was released earlier this year, and was the beginning of our careers as recording artists! 

Buy the track on iTunes ---> here <--

Wanna see us play at Rockefeller?

On the 30th of October The Scheen will be playing at Rockefeller in Oslo!
They have started a support-gig-competition, and as always we have entered with full force!

We need all you Ravage-fans to help us out by voting on our submission.
All you need to do is enter this link --> The Scheen at Rockefeller <-- and press "like" on our post. 
That`s it, easy-peasy right!?


This is what our post looks like, and you`ll find it by scrolling down the page.
Feel free to share and as always; follow us on Facebook as well!



Lovers and Losers - Video teaser!

Finally we`re able to present to you; the video-teaser for our new single "Lovers and Losers" !


It will be out on iTunes, WiMp and Spotify on the 24th of October, but as usual we like to show you a little teaser of what we`ve been working on.
So we hope you enjoy this little clip we made, while we wait for the release-date!


- Miri


Well this is gonna be interesting!

First let me introduce myself;
My name is Miriam, I`m the lead singer of this little band of ours, called Ravage Rose.  

For most of the time I`ll be the one writing this blog, answering your questions, and updating on our road to success!

Stay tuned!





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