Wanna see us play at Rockefeller?

On the 30th of October The Scheen will be playing at Rockefeller in Oslo!
They have started a support-gig-competition, and as always we have entered with full force!

We need all you Ravage-fans to help us out by voting on our submission.
All you need to do is enter this link --> The Scheen at Rockefeller <-- and press "like" on our post.
That`s it, easy-peasy right!?

This is what our post looks like, and you`ll find it by scrolling down the page.
Feel free to share and as always; follow us on Facebook as well!

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Rockband from Trondheim, Norway! New single "Lovers & Losers" out now! Follow us on Instagram: @RavageRose iTunes Spotify WiMp